Return of the Revolution (Beat​-​apella Remixes)

by Vir-Amicus



Beat-apella versions of the album track, "Return of the Revolution."This song is a celebration of the Earth Incarnation Anniversary.

Non-album remixes from the forthcoming full release, "Remember (I Am the We)."

Cd/digital coverart © Studio Green Penuin 2016


Return of the revolution (3x)

On this divine of revolutions
Of water and skies
I grant thee one kiss
A thousand smiles, energy full of bliss
And a full moon everso beguiled

It is the return of the revolution

Shining on your breath

Dancing in the rain

It is the return of the revolution

Spewing out the colors

Your fashion - expression - your sustain

To dance

To move with the Universe

In rhythm and timbre

To groove

To elect to greet the Sun

Salute the sound

Ring true in passion

Delight in the Earth

And be the Om

It is the return of the revolution (for you)

Shine forth in your greatness

Be bold - be bright - ignite the Universe



released June 10, 2016

lyrics/voice/composition/production: Vir-Amicus



all rights reserved