(It Don't Matter) It's My Day (Late Summer Cool Breeze Mix)

by Vir-Amicus



This song (an alternate version)taken from the forthcoming concept album, Remember (I Am the We) is speaking to a character by the name of Lisa. In this song it is a celebration of her life...her wombynhood/personhood and all that she has been through. A celebration of BE-ing alive no matter the darkness or the laughter of life.

photography/design CD CoverartL Studio Green Penguin


It’s my day
It’s my birthday
It’s my day
It’s my birthday

It don’t matter where I’ve been
It don’t matter where I’m going
I’m alive today

It don’t matter who I am
It don’t matter what they think of me
I’m alive this day

It don’t matter ‘bout the darkness
It don’t matter ‘bout the sight
It don’t matter ‘bout the laughter in my heart
It don’t matter ‘bout the tears in my eyes
It don’t matter ‘bout the plight
It don’t matter ‘bout the full moon over September

I’m alive – I’m alive

Back in the Fall of some time
Say right ‘round 1965
I came blazing to the Earth
Crying, wet, and smiling kicking up my skirt
They call me L to the I to the S to the A
Yes, it’s my day – it’s my day

It don’t matter ‘bout school
It don’t matter ‘bout my nation’s fool
It don’t matter ‘bout the weather
I’m pulling all of me together
I’m going swimming in my own inner pool
Because I’m
L to the I to the S to A
Yes, it’s my day (oh yes) it’s my day

I’m alive


released February 25, 2015
Voice/Lyrics/Production/Composition: Vir-Amicus



all rights reserved